A film by Leslie Shampaine

In English and Hindi.  Filmed in India, U.K., Israel and the USA, 84 minutes

“Astonishing! It’s the classic underdog story… touching… lustrous imagery”

“Cinematic… It’s the Rocky Balboa story.”

“Dance is an art form, and this movie is simply pure art!”

“Compelling tale of perseverance, passion and friendship.”

“I pay my respects to these dancers for their work, fight, and strength. I hope that their story will be known and their example will be followed by many young Indian dancers.”

“I think it’s one of the most touching films I have ever seen. … it’s wonderful! It shows the intense love for dancing and teaching I also share.”

“It’s both heart wrenching and theatrically entertaining. CALL ME DANCER, brings us into a whole new world. Quite an achievement, and unlike any other film about dance and dancers I’ve ever seen.”

“The unbridled passion for dance and a zest for life come together in this riveting story of a Reality Show dancer from the streets of Mumbai to his struggle and triumph on the avant-garde concert stage of New York.”

“An outstanding film for aspiring young dancers to see. It beautifully shows how passion for the arts can uplift and transform and that success is relative to happiness alone.”

“Incredibly touched…It’s not a story about dance but about human aspirations, challenges and relationships that touch the heart. Truly wonderful and really inspiring. I saw it two times!”